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Jumat, 17 Februari 2012

Love On Credit (2011)

Title : Love On Credit
Directed : Leste Chen
Music : Wu Qingfeng
Distributed :
* Dongshen Tonghua
* Xiaoma Benteng
Release Date : October 20, 2011
Running time : 94 minutes
Country : Chinese Mainland
Language : Chinese

The film begins with a pair of twin sisters named XiaoHong and XiaoQing.They have two totally different personalities. XiaoQing believes in true love. By contrast, her elder sister XiaoHong only trusts money. XiaoQing is about to get married with her boyfriend of 10 years,Jiang Cheng. She had been working very hard to save money to buy her own house. But Jiang Cheng not only hung around everyday, but was also cheated and lent all of XiaoQing's saving to a unreliable friend. XiaoQing was too angry to leave Jiang Cheng and felt desperate to keep their love alive. She applied for many credit cards and dressed herself like a high-class lady so that she could get a rich man to marry her.

On the other side, Xiaohong has been in love with her boss for 10 years; waiting ruined all her hope for love. She decided to evaluate men according to their credit cards.Then she met Zhang Quan who could shop without limits. She believes the reason she made friends with Zhang Quan is solely because she loves his money. But is this really true?

Can Xiaohong and Xiaoqing achieve happiness at last?

Cast :
* Lin Chi Ling as XiaoHong & XiaoQing
* Chen Kun as Zhang Quan
* Fan Liao as Jiang Cheng
* Tony Yang as Shen Tao
* Jiayi Zhang

Character :
* Lin Chi Ling as XiaoHong & XiaoQing: Two modern ladies who want to love but deny themselves true love

* Chen Kun as Zhang Quan: A rich lonely young man. Most of his childhood friends only wanted him when they needed money, so he has never had a serious relationship

* Fan Liao as Jiang Cheng: The boyfriend of XiaoQing who was cheated by his best friend into giving him his entire savings.

* Tony Yang as Shen Tao: A single rich man who can't deal with relationships with girls well. Many of his past girlfriends only dated him because of his money

Songs Of The Film
The theme song throughout the movie was also titled "Love on Credit". It was released on 19 September 2011. The composer,Wu Qingfeng, spent 20 minutes writing the song. At the first listen of the song, one of lead roles, Lin Chi-ling was too moved to cry.

She said "The song expresses my moods and feelings in the movie completely."
* Love On Credit (Theme song)
* Bird's Nest (background music)
* What Are You Worrying About (background music)
* Bird's nest (background music)

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